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How to be inclusive of your AF (alcohol-free) guests

Planning a party or get-together? Here's our guide on how to include your fabulous, booze-free buds to make your party the best it can be!

There is no denying that sparkling water with a twist of lime or lemon is delicious and refreshing. However, it's been the standard for so long and frankly, it's kinda boring.

With so many options of readily available alcohol-free drinks, having an array of options has never been easier.

Offer all of your guests' zero-proof drink options. Let's face it, no one likes to be left out.

The alcohol-free movement continues to gain momentum and it would be a disservice to your guests to not offer even more options to drink. In fact, some of your guests may want to try but are hesitant because they don't want to take a drink that someone might want. This brings up another great point, have enough to share!

If a guest chooses the AF drink don’t question why – there are a million reasons why someone isn’t partaking & guess what – it doesn’t matter. Promise.

People choose to not drink for a number of reasons - health, pregnancy, substance use disorder, family choices, wellness, or simply because they don't feel like it. The list goes on and on. As a general rule, if someone wants to tell you why they don't drink, they will. If they don't volunteer this information just leave it be.

Serve AF drinks in fun, fancy glasses too – because cocktails don’t get to have all the fun.

There is nothing like a drink in a fancy glass, it simply elevates the drink. Some might even say it makes a drink taste better....

If you are serving a cocktail, keep the liquor on the side – this gives your guests the option to choose without feeling like the odd one out.

Besides having ready-to-serve drinks, this is one of the easiest ways to accommodate all of your guests. Have the liquor next to the already mixed ingredients and if someone wants to add it to their drink, they are more than welcome.

A big challenge for some non-drinkers is feeling that they aren't one amongst many and this is a surefire way to avoid that.

Go totally alcohol-free. We dare you…

You never really know how fun you can be without it unless you try!

Serve an AF cocktail created by Sans Bar STL – it’ll be a guaranteed crowd pleaser! Find all of our recipes here, and check back often as we add them frequently.

Not only do we throw alcohol-free pop-ups in St. Louis, but we are also available to come to you and bartend your party or prepare you with the ingredients you need to make them yourselves.

Email to learn more.


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