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Annie pouring grapefruit juice into the Resting Booch Face alcohol-free cocktail

Resting Booch Face

Kombucha is chock full of probiotics, which work hand and hand with neurons in the digestive system to help aid in the production of serotonin. This chemical contributes to well being and happiness.


  • 6 oz citrus or ginger kombucha

  • 1 lime

  • 1 orange

  • 1/2 grapefruit

  • 2 oz orange juice

  • 2 oz lime juice

  • 2 oz ginger beer

  • salt + sugar + chili powder


  1. Mix salt + sugar + chili powder on a small plate

  2. Rim each glass with a lime wedge & dip into the chili mix

  3. Fill each glass with ice & a mix of sliced citrus

  4. Add juices & kombucha 

  5. Stir and top with ginger beer 

  6. You can always watch the how-to!

*kombucha is a naturally fermented drink & may contain trace amounts of alcohol.

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