virtual honest hour with lern & kshe

Sans Bar STL shook things up with Lern during her Sans Bar virtual Honest Hour on Friday, December 4th. Didn't get to make it? No problem, you can watch the recording right here.


Holidays can be stressful, but celebrating doesn’t have to be. Learn how to make some festive zero-proof cocktails and hear from folks who choose not to drink.

Resting Booch Face


TIME: 15 min


Kombucha is chock full of probiotics, which work hand and hand with neurons in the digestive system to help aid in the production of serotonin. This chemical contributes to well being and happiness.


  • 6 oz Komblu kombucha

  • 1 lime

  • 1 orange

  • 1/2 grapefruit

  • 2 oz orange juice

  • 2 oz lime juice

  • 2 oz ginger beer

  • salt + sugar + chili powder


  • mix salt + sugar + chili powder on a small plate & set aside

  • rim each glass with a lime wedge & dip into the salt + sugar + chili mix

  • fill each glass with ice (crushed if possible) & a mix of the sliced citrus

  • add juices & kombucha (we like using Komblu’s ginger or citrus) to glass & stir

  • top with ginger beer



*kombucha is a naturally fermented drink & may contain trace amounts of alcohol.

It's a Midwest Thang




This easy-drinking AF cocktail features ingredients made right here in St. Louis. Perfect for any time of the day, the flavors come together resulting in a smooth carbonated caffeine drink.


  • 4 oz Blueprint cold brew

  • 4 oz Vess club soda

  • 1 oz Tonic #1 syrup by Heirloom Bottling Co.

  • 1 clementine


  • in a tall glass, squeeze half the orange (for a stronger citrus flavor, squeeze the whole thing)

  • throw the squeezed orange in

  • add 4 oz cold brew coffee

  • add 1 oz Tonic #1 syrup

  • stir until completely mixed

  • add ice (crushed if possible)& give it another stir